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Presto 01370 Pro 8-Quart Stainless Steel Cooker Product Description

I want to continue to practice my use of description by writing a review of the 8 quart Presto stainless steel pressure cooker. I just replaced that model with a newer one -- the Presto 01370.

I am very picky about the pots that I use around my family. I am all about safety features. I love the steam release valve that can be set to “quick cool.”

Pressure cooking is already fast, but cooling the pan faster is even better. Plus the faster it cools, the shorter period of time I have to keep fingers away from a hot pot.

I know firsthand what disasters can befall when you are too antsy and open the lid of a cooker before all the pressure is released. Let’s just say it involves a stool and scrubbing the ceiling with a sponge.

I knew going into this that I wanted something that was going to last so I read a lot of reviews. I did not want another explosion.

I looked at pressure cooker reviews, but I also bought a set of stainless steel cookware and want to give a shout out to Cookware Nation for their helpful articles. Those include the following:

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Each provided info about the material of the cooking vessel, which shaped the style of cooking pot I bought for my pressure cooker. I'll never use Teflon coated pots and pans.

Presto pressure cooker review: Pros

The lock on the cover show when there is pressure inside the pot so I don’t have to be worried that my dinner is going to explode once I open the pan.

I really enjoy the steaming basket in this Presto unit. I can cook more than one food all at once and the flavors don’t seep into each other.  Also the instruction book with the recipes is really nice. I like to learn new recipes and make all kinds of fun stuff. The pressure regulator on the lid does more than just quickly cool the pan, it also keeps the pan at a consistent temperature while coking,

Although I love this pressure cooker. I wish that it came with a rack to keep food off the bottom of the pan to keep it from burning.

I have several racks that I use with my other pans that work just fine, but if I was a first time pressure cooker I would be very frustrated.

It is really difficult to clean burned stuck on food out of a pot after a full cycle in a pressure cooker, So a cooking rack is almost essential. I have also found the locking mechanism of the lid to be a bit of a hassle.

Cons of the Presto 01370 Pro

When I first ordered this product I had an exceptionally hard time getting the lid to snap in the right way. I have since figured out and have very little trouble. Difficulty locking the lid is not a deal breaker, it’s just a frustration when I don’t need any more.

Cooking dinner for 4 pick teenagers is difficult enough without having to wrestle with the pots and pans I need to cook with. I have also found with this cooker, that the parts go bad after a year or so. I have had this cooker for 3 years and every year I have to replace the gasket as well as other parts 3 times.

I am a low maintenance person, so having to replace parts on a pan was not my favorite thing. I like things to work once I take them out of the Presto box and for years afterwards. Having said all that, I still love this cooker and given the choice I would choose this one again.

I have a very picky family, so cooking for them is a challenge. Not to mention the time and effort that is already exerted will preparing the ingredients and such.

I really like that this cooker cooks quickly and easily with very little effort on my part, other than preparing everything that has to go into the cooker. It is a wonder that anyone goes about their life not knowing what cooking with a pressure cooker is like. It is so much faster and easier. Although I have a few problems with burning food on the bottom of the pan and parts randomly going bad. I still have enjoyed this Presto pressure cooker and I plan to cook with it for many, many years to come.

This is my review of the Presto 01370 Pro 8-Quart Stainless Steel Cooker.

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